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In keeping touch with the demand of SUGAR INDUSTRIES for cheapest and best quality Product, Mukti Chemical Industries’s objective is to understand, the phenomena occurring of production and the clarification processes involved in the development of quality and functionalities in sugar-cane products.

The high levels of inorganic phosphate in sugar juice promote the removal of silicic acid and waxy-lime material. Sugar cane juice contains both organic and inorganic forms of phosphorus. Generally in past, it comprising primarily free inorganic phosphate ions. In the juice clarification techniques, only free inorganic phosphate ions have played a substantial part in reactions with calcium. A good quality clarified juice can be obtained when about 300 mg/l of inorganic phosphate (measured as P 2 O 5) is present.

We introducing a new product, “PHOSPHOZOL” for clarifying sugar cane juice. It is Organo Phosphorus compound and used as catalyst. A catalyst actives the organic phosphate of cane juice which increase the total P2O5 content after the catalytic reaction. Treating the sugar cane juice with PHOSPHOZOL promotes more free phosphate, thereby improving the clarification of the sugar juice substantially. The process is environmentally friendly. It only requires the addition of small quantity of PHOSPHOZOL to existing sugar clarification processes. It does not cause, the inversion of sucrose to other sugars, and even not colour formation. The more available phosphate by this process is to react with milk of lime, subsequently to react the juice with calcium hydroxide and a flocculent, the reaction condition is sufficient to cause substantially all of the suspended particular matter to settle. And thereby a clarified juice is produced.

Physical Salient Features

Special Features

Technical Specifications
Nature Non Toxic Powder
Appearance Light Tan
Action Promote More Free Phosphate In Sugar Juice.
Solubility Readily Miscible In Water & Juice

Suggest use rates: 1 ppm PHOSPHOZOL increases about 25 ppm P2O5.

Package Sizes: 10 and 25 Kg polyethylene and HDPE lined Paper Bag.

Storage: This product should be kept in a dry cool location. The bag should be kept closed when not in use. Exposure to humidity and temperature is not recommended.