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Phosphoric Acid

At MCI, we bring the premium quality products manufactured by the state of the art technologies. Phosphoric Acid is manufactured by Technology of Prayon DPP & Nano Filtration.
Sr. No. Test Unit Specification
1. Physical state and appearance Clear colourless transparent liquid
2. Density at 250 C g/cc 1.680-1.700
3. Assay % 85 min
4. P2O5 % 61 min
5. Acetic Acid % Nil
6. Iron as Fe ppm 5 max
7. Chloride as Cl ppm 10 max
8. Sulphate as SO4 ppm 100 max
9. Heavy Metals as Pb ppm 3 max
10. Arsenic as As ppm 3 max
Specification of Phosphoric Acid 40 to 45%
Assay 40 to 45%
Phosphates as P2 O5 30 to 32%
Sulphate as SO4 1 to 2%
Sp. Gr. 1.400 to 1.430
Material Description Water colourless and odourless fluid


35 kgs/ 50 kgs HDPE Carboys

CS Rubber lined/ SS 316 Road Tankers

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Uses of Phosphoric Acid

Alkali Phosphates

Phosphorus-based builders for the detergent industry is a major application for phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is used in the production of Alkali Phosphates such as potassium phosphate, and sodium phosphate. Phosphoric acid can also be combined with an ammonia base to produce mono ammonium phosphate, di ammonium phosphate, or ammonium polyphosphate. These compounds are used in fertilizer manufacture and flame proofing.

Boiler Cleaning

Many boiler cleaning formulations utilize phosphoric acid to remove carbonate scale, oil or grease. The advantage of phosphoric acid is that the boiler surfaces will develop a light phosphate coating which will resist further oxidation. Phosphoric acid is also less corrosive and volatile than other mineral acids.

Specialty Fertilizers

Purified Phosphoric acid is used as the phosphorus source in the production of specialty and foliar fertilizers. Because of its higher purity and lack of solids, purified phosphoric acid is used for spray and house plant fertilizers.

Aluminum Brightening

Most of the solutions employed in the metal finishing industry for the chemical polishing of aluminum are based on a mixture of phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and sometimes sulfuric acid.

Waste Treatment

Phosphoric acid is used as a nutrient for bacteria in activated-sludge waste treatment systems.

Sugar Refining

In the refining of raw sugar, phosphoric acid is reacted with lime to form a calcium phosphate precipitate which aids in the filtration of particulates.

Metal Treating

In the metal finishing industry phosphoric acid is utilized to chemically polish, clean and coat a wide range of metals, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel.