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We are leading manufacturer of Ortho Phosphoric Acid, Phosphate Salts & Phospho Gypsum.

We manufacture Ortho Phosphoric Acid 40% commercial grade and 85% technical grade and have a production capacity of 1000 MT per annum. We are well known for manufacturing high quality products and we accomplish that by employing qualified and experienced staff members who can help us deliver high quality results. Our products have been well accepted in the market because of their quality and our continuous commitment to deliver consistent results.

We have a well-established network of authorized dealers for the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. We also directly supply our product to various Sugar factories in and around Surat and to other chemical industries in Gujarat.

The three values that Mukti Chemical Industries believes in are: Our Team, Our Quality and our commitment to sustainability


We are huge believer of protecting the environment and maintaining the balance in the world and to promote the same we organise Tree Plantation events on a yearly basis. We also help the underprivileged children by helping them get access to primary education, which will in turn help in their development.

Our belief is that we want to be a better version of what we were yesterday and hence, we believe in being our own competitor and critics. And our history as being the pioneers in this field is an example of how effective our belief system has proved for us. This also helps us see that we are growing gradually and substantially.

Our experienced staff, state-of-art machinery and equipment, and exceptional operating producers help us in creating excellent consistent results. We use most of our gains in bettering our research and development, wellbeing of our employees and helping our society. With a number of non-profit, cause-driven projects led by us, we contribute our bit to achieve sustainability.

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Mr Ranjit Vashi

Mukti Chemical Industries is a constantly- expanding, visionary approach of our founder and owner Mr Ranjit Vashi who has a strong foothold in the Sugar, Agriculture & Chemical industry from more than four decades. His vast experience in the chemical industry along with his all-pervasive ideology and the solicitous outlook is core to the growth that Mukti Chemical industries has achieved in the past 40 years. Mr. Vashi holds a Master of Sciences degree in inorganic chemistry and is a winner of numerous awards and recognitions in his 40 years career. He has always focused on innovation, business ethics and sustainability and this strong value has helped shaped Mukti Chemical Industries into what it is today – a globally reputed organisation.

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Mr. Chetan Desai

Mr. Chetan Desai, currently a leading partner of Mukti Chemical Industries brings in around 30 years of industry experience while leading the company. He is a graduate in Chemistry and has worked in the Chemical Industry since the start of his career. Mr. Desai is so engrossed in innovation that he has mastered the art of converting Phosphoric acid (a product of Mukti Chemical Industries) into to useful and fertile fertilizers. This has helped him create additional channels for his company and has also, helped serve his personal interest of gardening. Apart from this, Mr. Desai’s interests lies in dealing with technical issues of machineries, performing data analysis and computation. He is popularly known as “Jack of All Trades” among his friends and colleagues who always look for him for any kind of advice and support.

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Our mission is to develop innovation and environmental friendly chemical products at an affordable rate that can help foster growth to our customers. Our goal is to deliver a product that is beyond the expectations of our customers. We focus on improving our infrastructure so that it can help drive a prosperous growth for all our stakeholders.


As one of the leading manufactures in chemical and agriculture industry, we always strive to be sustainable by investing more and more of our time and capital in developing innovative solutions as our aim always has been to build responsible industrialization.


1. Preserving the environment with thoughtful resourcefulness
2. Putting in persistent resources in research and development
3. High priority to customer satisfaction by delivery high quality standard product
4. Promoting use of modern technology and practices.
5. Cultivating mutually rewarding relationships with its partners in business.


Quality Assurance & Control

Mukti Chemical Industry is a stringent believer in delivery high quality product to its customers. Quality is considered as a bridge of belied between the customers and the manufacturing units. For the same reason our Quality Assurance and Control team follows stepwise compliance procedures to manufacture high quality products. We have established Standard Operation Procedure documents based on government rules and regulations and ICS guidelines which has to be mandatorily followed by each team during all production cycles. Such strict policing is maintained so that highest quality of product is maintained during all stages of production.

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Our manufacturing department is the heart of our company as that is the place where high quality world-class products are created. As business, ethics has always been very important to our founder and owner Mr. Ranjit Vashi we ensure to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices to deliver standardized products. Being ahead of time but still staying rooted to our core values has always been our motto. Our manufacturing department works in coordination of our QA department to establish a standardized process and routine for all production and dispatch schedules and batches.